What 5 main factors make a website rank?

Posted by Pete Juratovic on

In the Internet world websites are not judged based off of how flashy the design is or how user friendly a page is; websites are judge on how they rank with Google’s PageRank. Using a scale of 0 to 10, Google’s PageRank helps potential advertisers, search engine and even website visitors know just how popular a website is or is not.

Several different factors play into how a website ranks in Google’s PageRank. The following is a look at the top 5 main factors that help move a website up in ranking.

#1 Traffic

Traffic is defined as the number of original visitors a website receives during a given time frame. Traffic is a main factor because there has to be some reason why people keep coming back to the website time and time again. The more visitors that visit a website the higher it will rank.

#2 Original Content

Search engines and website rankings love original content. Original content is important because it can help encourage people to link back to your website, or refer the site to friends. Both of these factors can help improve the page ranking of a website.

#3 Backlinks

Backlinks is the technical term for when another website/blog links back to an original website. The more backlinks an original website or blog receives the higher it will rank. Backlines are used in a similar fashion to traffic, as search engines and page rankings believe the more links that a website gets the more popular it is and the more people will want to visit that site/blog.

#4 Pages Indexed

Indexing pages through various popular search engines can help improve page rank. Indexing pages through search engines requires you to manually submit the pages to the search engines, which can be time consuming. However, it is well worth it to help improve page rank.

#5 Keywords

Google PageRank loves keywords, especially when they are directly related to the content you produce. Keywords in the URL, meta tag description, in the content, anywhere they can go. That doesn’t mean you stuff the page with keywords, but using them naturally throughout the website will help you improve your ranking.

Many other factors can go into helping to determine page rank. However, if you just concentrate on these five factors you can help your website slowly start to climb to the top of Google’s PageRank.