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5 Things to Know About Your Web Project Before Contacting a AlexandriaWeb Design Company

Contacting web design companies to talk about your web project can be a little overwhelming, for you and for them! Knowing a few things before you begin making calls can make the process of getting a proposal and quote a lot smoother. The more information you can provide, the better companies like us can answer your questions! Keep these in mind when calling and we’ll be singing your praises:

1. Your Goals

The most important thing to know about your web design project is what you hope to achieve with it. Is your main goal to sell goods through your website? Is it to display your portfolio for potential clients? Is it an informational site that drives your viewers to engage in your social media?

Once you can spell out and prioritize your objective(s), a design company will be able to design your site to fit those needs.

2. The Size of Your Website (in pages)

We all know a fifteen-page site will cost significantly less than a 200-page site. So, before you contact a web design company and ask them to give you a quote for your project, make sure you know the scope of the project and how many pages you envision it to be. If you want to start an online magazine that will have close to 1000 pages, be kind and make sure the design company knows they are not making a 4-page personal blog site.

A great way of seeing the size and scale of your project is by creating a site map. Try laying out your navigation and branching off into internal pages from there. Trust me, if you provide a site map with your web quote submission- any web design company will LOVE you.

3. How Many Products Your Selling

We find that a frequent problem with E-commerce sites is that clients will tell us they only have 40 products to upload and sell, when the reality is that they have 200 products.

Products must be uploaded into a data feed (or “product feed”). This is generally a spreadsheet that contains the following information for each product: title, product type, description, id, link, image link, price, made in, condition. Uploading 40 products versus 200 products would be a significant time difference, as you can imagine.

4. Any Unique Web Requirements

Every website tries to stand out and provide unique features to their audience through a variety of different elements such as: custom graphics, animation, video tutorials, member logins, etc.

Do you want a flash animation header? Or an infographic to explain what your company’s process is? When chatting with a web design company, be sure to specify these types of unique elements if you want an accurate quote for your project.

Some elements might be pricier than others, but we find having those unique and creative details make a website really shine.

5. Your Budget and Time Frame

Lastly, call web design companies with a budget and a time frame in mind. Specify if your project is time sensitive and what elements you absolutely must have before a specific date.

Knowing a ballpark budget will also help a design company work with you to create the best possible website for your needs, within your means.

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When you sit down and open a book for the first time, you know exactly where to go. Perhaps you read the back jacket initially to see what kind of reviews the book received. Then you go to the flaps to get a quick plot summary. Once inside, you check out the table of contents to see how many chapters the book has.

Website Navigation Explained by an Alexandria Web Design Company

You don’t need to be told how to read a book and you shouldn’t need to be told how to navigate a website. Good navigation design should be intuitive. Here’s how to ensure that visiting your site is a walk in the park and not a trip to the funhouse.

Rather than structure your site based on your business’ organization, consider how an uninitiated user would approach your website. Does the structure make sense to someone with no prior experience with your business? Is the navigation too cumbersome and confusing?

One method for fixing site structure is to do card sorting. Put all navigation categories on an index card and see what new order you can create.

Once your categories are sorted, consider all the sublevels you’ll want to include. How best to organize sublevels? It depends on your business goals. Alphabetically might make sense for a lot of information that needs to be spotted quickly. If you have time sensitive material, a chronological sort might make the most sense.

It’s debatable whether vertical or horizontal navigation is better. It all depends on the design of the site and what best fits your needs. Drop-downs are another way to make more information available, without overwhelming the user.

Know that you have choices, and that your navigation doesn’t have to look one certain way. The only requirement is for it to be easy to use. By taking the time now to consider these options, you’ll save yourself and your users a lot of confusion and frustration.

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