simple characteristics of a good web design

Posted by Pete Juratovic on

Every business owners wants a website that attract customers, rank high in the search engines and provides an introduction to their services and products. Unfortunately, not all websites have these characteristics. There is an art to designing the perfect website and making it work. Here are at least 5 elements that a good website should have if it is to be successful.

1. Create a website that speaks to its visitors. Websites are the voices of the businesses they represent. A car dealer with the lowest prices in the community cannot get his cars sold and he fails to relay this message to his customers. Websites work the same way. Visitors do not know what companies have to offer if they ineffectively relay this message to its visitors.

2. Content is vital. Spoken sentences, misused words and illegible content are huge disappointments for prospective customers. Most web surfers do not have a lot of spare time to spend trying to decipher notes and texts. When they are looking for a specific item or product they want to know one thing, where to find it. Reading a lot of gibberish and sorting out content that makes no sense at all is time wasted. Make sure the content coincides with the products and services of the company’s website.

3. If links are located within the text make sure they work. Nothing is more frustrating than broken or inactive links. If customers cannot find what they are looking for they are less likely to revisit the site again and they will move on to the next site with working links.

4. Do not clutter the site with too many
pictures and too much text. People are skimmers by nature. Too much information at once can be overwhelming and can cause the reader to abandon the site altogether. Make sure important information is not lost in the midst.

5. Make sure your site is in compliance with web standards. Not everyone has the same operating systems and some browsers may not work with the site. To be really successful and not exclude anyone make sure that any type of browser have access to the website. Limiting visitors unintentionally could result in missed sales and profits.

These are just a few important features that any good website should have in place. There are many factors that go into creating a great website. The most important factor of all is availability. Make sure there is a contact page for customers to leave comments or ask questions.