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Motivation and Change
Motivation and Change
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The Center for Motivation and Change is a New York City based drug and counseling clinic. The purpose of the site is for new patients who are being admitted, and for familes who needed to find out more information about their loved ones. The site needed to be clean, calming, and functional.

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W. A. Studios, Inc.

Clikzy Creative designed and implemented our website several years ago and it has been extremely successful ever since. We continue to sell our fashion jewelry collections online on a regular basic.

We are very demanding as a company and update our website at least every other month. The Clikzy staff have been extremely cooperative and insightful each and every time. They are friendly, knowledgeable and have never missed a deadline.

I heartily endorse them and recommend them to anyone just starting a website or looking to refresh an existing one.

Gary Glaser, Vice President

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