Fashion Website Design

Aesthetics are pivotal in the fashion industry and, as you would imagine, in fashion web design. Fashion has always been one of the most creative and personality-driven industries out there. So it would only make sense that fashion company websites demand designs that reflect their innovative products and unique brand.

Here are a few of our latest fashion website designs and trends of 2013

We’ve worked on a variety of fashion website designs, e-commerce included, and we know that the difference between a good design and an amazing design is all in the details.These clients understand that with any design, clothing or web, the details can transform a drab brand into a vibrant, memorable, and full-blown culture that consumers rush to become a part of. In turn, that is precisely what we do.

Take a look at some current trends we’ve noticed and used ourselves:



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Large Imagery

The full-screen photograph is grazing countless fashion website homepages. With access to high quality and breathtaking images- why wouldn’t you take advantage of this? It makes the product and the brand the focal point and constantly reminds the user where they are.


Most fashion web design is taking into account the concept of “less is more.” Less content and more imagery is become the basis for any homepage- and with good reason. It has been proven time and time again that people respond better to images than words. If you don’t believe us- ask Apple.


Simple Color

As we’ve seen in other trends, the product (and accompanying images) is king. In order to keep the visual hierarchy in tact and the product as the main focus, simple color schemes are being used. Neutrals and black & white backgrounds get their “pop” from the vibrant colors in product images.


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With the world and their mothers online now, fashion sites are stepping up their game by integrating interactive elements and social media in order to engage their audiences. Facebook & Twitter feeds, Pinterest “pins,” animated backgrounds, blog integration- the fashion industry knows that people talk…so what would be better than making it easier for them to spread the word (and love)?

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